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About taking the time

Why are we always in a hurry? How did time take so much importance in our lives? Why do we have to be productive, fast and efficient?

I remember that as a student I read a book called “On Good use of Slowness” (“Du bon usage de la lenteur”) by Pierre Sansot. The author advocates tasting boredom to better appreciate our world and what one really has, which is not about going faster, doing more, consuming more.

To embrace boredom and to allow our body and mind to wander, to rest and to listen helps to introduce deeper meaning back into our lives.

We are currently in a situation that forces us to slow down,

We have the luxury of time to reconnect with our soul, to understand what is important for us. We cannot make time go slower or faster but we can contemplate it passing by and appreciate being present here and now.

Take care, and take your time.