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On Alexis Christodoulou and the quiet beauty of empty spaces

You might have encountered his images on Instagram.

Alexis Christodoulou is a 3D artist from Cape Town creating geometrically pleasing, surreal and appealing architectural worlds.

His peaceful universes seem to be out of time. A subtle mix where Modernist and Neo Deco architectures meet to create a surrealistic Mediterranean villa plunged in calmness and soft pastel tones.

The deceptively empty spaces allow one's eye to wander around the refined compositions. There, one can focus on the clean geometric shapes, the rhythm of shadows, the play on perspective lines, and the soothing colour harmonies. All are arranged as a visual symphony for any design lover.

As a self-taught 3D artist and a video game aficionado, his sophisticated imaginary architectures came from the frustration of not seeing enough modern aesthetic representation in the virtual universe.

Many have since copied his style but he is always reinventing himself, adding more dreamy landscapes and pieces of furniture to his spaces.

We wanted to pay a humble homage to this artist who has introduced a peaceful beauty to the world.

Visit the artist’s page: https://alexiscstudio.com/


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