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Daniel Everett deconstructing the urban environment

Daniel Everett is a Utah based professor, artist and photographer who amongst other themes explores the clarity and comfort of rational architecture against its alienation and reduction.

His architectural photography creates a confusing yet very clean vision where volumes are deconstructed, flattened and stacked on top of each other. The urban space becomes anonymous and universal.

What stroke us is how the repetitive building facades take up all the frame to almost becomes an abstract pattern. The viewer loses his marks, confused by reflections and superposition.

A conflicting sentiment emerges by this juxtaposition of order and chaos.

One can both feel fascination and apprehension for these massive endless structures, as a representation of a neverending construction in progress.

All photos are from Daniel Everett's series “Marker” and “Throughout the Universe in Perpetuity”.

Visit Daniel Everett's website here: https://daniel-everett.com/


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